Why Ocean Conservation Is So Important

The Wisconsin Reef Community supports ocean preservation as a means of simultaneously advancing a number of other environmental goals. Ocean preservation and conservation are related to protecting wildlife, halting climate change, and safeguarding natural resources. The ocean is particularly impacted by many of the ways that humans are changing the natural world in general.

One of the most important contemporary environmental issues is global climate change, which must be combated. Ocean protection is essential to this effort. According to evidence, a major portion of the extra greenhouse gases that humans produce are stored in the ocean, and without them, global climate change would be much worse.

Given the ubiquity of phytoplankton in marine ecosystems and the size of marine ecosystems on Earth, photosynthesis from marine phytoplankton may produce as much as 90% of the planet’s oxygen. It is also said that, despite some of the oxygen being captured by the water, the majority of the oxygen that phytoplankton produces will end up in the atmosphere.

It’s crucial to protect marine food supplies as well as plant and animal species.

Economic Importance: At least one-third of the US Gross National Product comes from marine and coastal activities, and one in six American employment are related to the ocean. According to estimates, the oceans may contribute up to 700 billion dollars to the US Gross National Product.

Ocean Ecosystems Are Important. The protection of the ocean offers a unique perspective from which to handle various environmental problems. The preservation of the oceans is still a vital objective in and of itself. In addition to having intrinsic value, marine habitats are useful to both people and wildlife.